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A Pep Talk on Energy Innovation (Source: NYTimes)

Steven Chu, who will soon step down as energy secretary, champions alternative technologies at a conference on cutting-edge energy research.


Mapping a Plague of Frogs (Source: NYTimes)

An interactive Web site, periodically updated, visualizes the occurrence of cases of amphibian chytrid fungus around the world.


An Emblem for Puerto Rico’s Climate Fight (Source: NYTimes)

Scientists fear that native tree frog species in Puerto Rico will go extinct unless action is taken to slow rising temperatures.


Taking a Fresh Look at Nuclear Waste (Source: NYTimes)

A new book argues that the nation's failure to establish a nuclear waste repository is less about technological shortcomings than human foibles.


A Tug Would Be Thrilling: Where Are the Fish? (Source: NYTimes)

Fishing alongside his son in the Mekong River, the author wonders why a catch is so daunting.


European Climate Official Urges Keystone XL Veto (Source: NYTimes)

Killing a 1,700-mile pipeline intensely opposed by the environmentally minded would send "a very, very interesting global signal,” Connie Hedegaard says.


On Our Radar: Shipping Paths Redrawn Off Alaska (Source: NYTimes)

Melting ice has opened or widened so many corridors that NOAA has prepared new charts.


Some Far Out (at Least for Now) Energy Ideas (Source: NYTimes)

Researchers present intriguing concepts for turning sunlight into fuel, developing flat gas tanks and smoothing the flow of power to the grid.


On Our Radar: Asian Dust and California Snow (Source: NYTimes)

Even when two storm systems in the Sierra Nevada carry the same amount of water vapor, scientists found, the presence of dust from Asia in one will cause far more precipitation.


Fracking Under a Historic Farm (Source: NYTimes)

A Pennsylvania property owned by an African-American family for eight generations will be restored and preserved with drilling proceeds.

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