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Many people cannot believe or imagine that the electric motor will be the solution for the future of mobility. However, the developments and improvements are actually running at full speed. Battery manufacturers are work on the latest generation of lithium ion batteries with clearly higher capacities and at the same a time longer life span and at substantially reduced prices. Vehicle manufacturers are poised to begin and in some cases have already begun production. Most governments are establishing the framework and basic conditions for a faster implementation. (Please see

KELAG has with the implementation of supported the rapid progression from today’s inefficient vehicles to pollution free electric vehicles . An easy to use network of EV-Charging Stations enhances the driving experience for every E-Vehicle owner.

This unique platform for E-mobility in Austria offers a simple operation as well as a user friendly search function using modern Web 2.0 technology.

Everyone can Participate
Wether private people, business or community: Everyone can register their charging station free of charge and without obligation on

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Now you can also access via iPhone to the EV-Charging Stations directory. The nearest EV-Charging Stations will be displayed to you even on the move via GPS.
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The network of Charging stations is growing daily
All over Europe the number of Charging Stations is increasing daily. In the near future electric vehicles will be a key component in traffic reduction. Although there are several electric vehicles worth being mass produced additional efforts are needed to help E-mobility to become more popular. Everyday electric vehicles, E-Cars, E-Scooters, E-Bikes, and E-Boats are all part of the E-Mobility Revolution.

An additional critical part is the infrastructure-EV-Charging Stations, loading stations or possibly also battery exchange stations. E-Tankstellen-Finder fits within this range. Giving you a way to always find a loading station even on longer routes

Through this portal you can quickly and uncomplicatedly find the next E-Station in your area or you can a add a new EV-Charging Station and improve regional coverage.

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