Export for navigation systems

Upload the current data of EV-Charging Stations to your navigation device. Therefore you can always find the closest EV-Charging Station, via you navigation device. The EV-Charging Stations data will be exportet in POIs (Point Of Interests) for imporiting into your navigaton device.

Currently supportet are devices from TomTom, Navigon and Garmin. Furthermore we offer you to download the data in GPX format. Your navigation device has to import POI data.

The data will be updated daily.

Attention: You can get informations of the manufacturer of your navigation device, if your device supports importing the data. Not all devices support this function.



If you are using TomTom Home you are able to import the EV-Charging Station data automatically. Otherwise we provide you the data in OV2.


For new Navigon devices we support the import of „My POIs“. The data are prepared for importing as CSV data via Navigon Fresh.


If you are using Garmin we provide the EV-Charging Station data in .gpi format. You can get informations of the manufacturer of your navigation device, if your device supports importing the data.


GPX is a standard file format for Point of Interests. This file format is compatible with a huge number of devices and software.

Terms of use for the data export of EV-Charging Station locations for navigation systems::

All EV-Charging Station location data is the intellectual property of KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft. Data exports may by used exclusively for imports into navigation devices that are owned by you or are in your possession and may only be used for private use. The use of data exports for other purposes, in particular commercial use, or for other end devices is not permitted.

I agree to the terms of use.

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The network of Charging stations is growing daily
All over Europe the number of Charging Stations is increasing daily. In the near future electric vehicles will be a key component in traffic reduction. Although there are several electric vehicles worth being mass produced additional efforts are needed to help E-mobility to become more popular. Everyday electric vehicles, E-Cars, E-Scooters, E-Bikes, and E-Boats are all part of the E-Mobility Revolution.

An additional critical part is the infrastructure-EV-Charging Stations, loading stations or possibly also battery exchange stations. E-Tankstellen-Finder fits within this range. Giving you a way to always find a loading station even on longer routes

Through this portal you can quickly and uncomplicatedly find the next E-Station in your area or you can a add a new EV-Charging Station and improve regional coverage.

KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft

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