E-Tankstellen-Finder on your website - free version

You have the option to add a partner version of E-Tankstellen-Finder to your website. With our generator, it's easy, fast and free! By having E-Tankstellen-Finder on your website, you give site visitors the opportunity to quickly and easily find an EV charging station without needing to put any extra work in yourself!

Your benefits

  1. Embedded on the company website for free
  2. Added value for your visitors without extra effort for you
  3. Increased interactivity for your visitors
  4. All registered EV charging stations displayed on your own website
  5. Growing community with new EV charging stations added every day

Partner version generator

This feature gives you the opportunity to generate a partner version that suits your specific needs. In addition to choosing the language, you can also set the background colour of the search box, as well as the height and width. Subsequently, an HTML code will be generated for you, which you can easily insert to your website.


phone_iphoneE-Tankstellen-Finder apps for iOS and Android

  • checkDefine your own search parameters, e.g. plug or price
  • checkGet useful information about the EV charging stations you find
  • checkImprove the quality of the charging network through reviews and pictures
  • checkand much more
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extensionE-Tankstellen-Finder on your website

Don't wait around, take advantage of this unique opportunity to make more than 25.000 charging points visible on your website.

Choose from two different options. The free partner version, which you can add to your website directly, or the premium version, which is adapted specifically to your needs, if you operate your own EV charging station for example.

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