Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs involved when registering?

No! Registration at E-Charging Station Finder is free and non-binding.

Kelag provides the E-Charging Station Finder as a Non-Profit project in order to promote E-Mobility. All costs related to the service and the website are paid by Kelag. User registration is therefore free.

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How long does it take to charge?

A full charge for conventional 230V vehicles takes between 5 and 8 hours.

How long it takes to fully charge the batteries largely depends on the following:

  • Battery Type
  • Energy Type
  • How much energy is already stored on the battery

The more modern the battery and the stronger the current (light and/or strong current), the faster the recharging process. For example a Fiat Panda electric with lithium batteries reaches 40 per cent of the battery capacity within the first hour. After the first hour the charging speed slows down.

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I only have a standard household plug – Will it work?

Normally a standard household plug can be used at E-Charging Stations.

Please observe and use all relevant safety regulations for electrical connection/cable.

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What are the advantages of registering?

By registering your E-Charging Station you help solidify the Charging Network in Austria and /or your region. Additionally, it allows users to use one source to find convenient charging stations.

Additionally for charging station operators you can list your homepage free of charge on and provide a link. With this free advertising you will also be able upload up to 5 pictures of your location.

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What is an E-Charging Station?

An E-Charging station is a charging station for electric vehicles. The “E” in “E-tankstellen-Finder” stands for electrical.

Whether an E-Auto, E-Scooter, E-Bike or an E-Boat: everything which is powered by an electric motor can be loaded at an E- Charging Station. Additionally other terms can be used e.g. EV-Loading Station, Power Station and many more. An E-Charging station typically uses a simple plug and socket connection with a parking space for the vehicle being charged.

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What is the cost to purchase an electric automobile?

The initial cost for an electric automobile is higher than a typical car. For example , a 2012 E-Smart Car list price is around 25,000 Euro.

In the near future, the advantage over traditionally powered vehicles will become clearer. The main cause for the higher costs are the batteries. Batteries that produce a 200km cruising range add about 10,000 euro to the cost of a vehicle. New models are being developed to purchase the vehicle and to lease the batteries.There are many governmental subsidies being offered for the purchase of Electric Vehicles.

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What is the cruising range for E-Cars?

Current E-Cars offer ranges from 100 to 160 kilometers. The first generation of mass produced vehicles will have ranges of 120 to 350 kilometers.

The range depends very strongly on the vehicle, especially on the battery. For example the Fiat Panda electric has a range of approximately 140 kilometers. Just like cars with combustion engines results are dependent upon the driving environment, temperatures and the style of driving. Also accessories like the heating and air conditioning system have a large effect on the range of the vehicle. However, as research continues to improve batteries, the cruising range will also improve. With Hybrid vehicles, a small gasoline or diesel engines serves to produce the necessary power and to feed this directly into the battery.

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When can I buy E-Vehicles?

Please find a detailed list of sources under „More information“.

Today many electric cars are offered, but usually they are only small series vehicles. An overview of offerers can be found under "More Information". Many manufacturers are still in the development phase, gaining experience through pilot projects

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Where can I find information about subsidies for E-Mobility?

The topic of electrical mobility is currently a political challenge and of great importance and thus predominantly promoted at a national level.

Please find below anoverview of the subsidy possibilities Subsidies in Carinthia, Austria - Kärnten.Kelag E-Mobility Subsidy: 100 Euro Rebate from →Kelag PlusClub when buying an E-Scooter.

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Who can register?

Individuals, companies and communities. Anyone who is interested in registering can do so without cost and/or obligation at

The only condition is that there is a normal plug / socket and a place where the vehicle can be loaded. With the operation of an E-Tankstellen-Finder, one can see an indication of the rapid spreading of the pollution free E-Vehicles and we can be a part of the E-Mobile revolution.

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Who is behind the E-Charging Station Finder?

Kelag is the developer of the E-Charging Station Finder website.

The Kelag group (Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft) is one of the leading energy service providers in Austria and supplies electricity, natural gas and district heating.

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Why was the E-Charging Station Finder developed?

The development of the E-Tankstellen-Finder website is used to promote, contribute and accelerate the use of E-Mobility. Only by improving the infrastructure of E-Charging stations it will be possible to establish E-Mobility as a viable means of transportation.

The service has been developed to bring E-Mobility to the next level. The goal of this unique project in Austria is to provide a border to border E-Charging Station network. Through this service, the ground work has been laid for the possibility for everyone to be an E-Mobility user.

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The network of Charging stations is growing daily
All over Europe the number of Charging Stations is increasing daily. In the near future electric vehicles will be a key component in traffic reduction. Although there are several electric vehicles worth being mass produced additional efforts are needed to help E-mobility to become more popular. Everyday electric vehicles, E-Cars, E-Scooters, E-Bikes, and E-Boats are all part of the E-Mobility Revolution.

An additional critical part is the infrastructure-EV-Charging Stations, loading stations or possibly also battery exchange stations. E-Tankstellen-Finder fits within this range. Giving you a way to always find a loading station even on longer routes

Through this portal you can quickly and uncomplicatedly find the next E-Station in your area or you can a add a new EV-Charging Station and improve regional coverage.

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